About me

Veronika Marosy Works

I am Veronika Magali-Marosy, wife, mother of 2 and the person behind VM Illustrations and Nosy Witty. I am passionate about illustrating, spending time outside (and encouraging my family to do it too) and natural sciences. 

My passion for drawing and creating with paper probably started around the time when I could hold a colouring pencil and a piece of paper without thinking about eating them.

There are several different shapes and sizes of sketchbooks and journals full of my childhood drawings and stories. (Most of them are about mice having fun in their swimming pool or at the beach. Don't ask where the fascination came from, I still have no idea!)
Later on I was binding mini books for my dolls - you know, the ones with the incredibly thin waists, unbelievably long legs and bosoms larger than their heads.

My other passion came a little later, when I was already in school. Sciences took my breath away, especially biology. So combining the two passions - drawing and sciences - became the obvious choice for me. Nowadays I love creating informational illustrations and design my own creatures.


Biology, chemistry and bio-chemistry, together with Art History elective courses at Dual-Language School in Balatonalmádi 2000-2005
Bachelor Degree in Illustration with Animation elective courses at AKV/St Joost in Breda 2006-2010
Business Atelier at Starterslift in Breda sept-nov 2010
Self-study whenever I discover a new source :)
Reading medical research in my free-time

Languages I speak (and read/write):
Hungarian - native speaker
English - fluent
Dutch - fluent
Spanish - elementary knowledge (learnt it a looooooong time ago)
Hebrew - elementary knowledge (still learning)

Clients include:
Presensatie, Veszprém TV, Chassé Theater, Kukkantók B.K.E., Tomer Systems B.V., 's Heeren Loo Zorggroep

2010-2015© Veronika Marosy Illustrations  All rights reserved. 
If you'd like to use any of my illustrations or animations, please e-mail me (info at vmillustrations dot com)