Holiday animation

I had the great opportunity to work on a background animation for a winter event in Hungary. I was asked to create a background animation that would play continuously behind the performances during the whole event. It was mainly a children's afternoon and some music artists at the end for the parents. It was great fun! Check out the pictures. 


There was Joulupukki in the beginning, greeting everyone who came in. He is from Lapland originally and came to Hungary to surprise the children.


After everyone arrived, the children could get "warmed up" with a fun exercise series. As you see they all loved to get on stage and join the instructor in the songs and dances.


Than it was time for some
performances from different schools of the town.

This one is a group that played small hand-held bells. It sounded beautiful!


A hungarian singer, Zséda closed the event with some great songs, such as "Blue bird" (Kék madár), so my animation with the little blue bird fitted the song perfectly :) 

Click here for the animation itself.

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