My journey from Stay-at-home-mom to Create-at-home-mom

Be outside for the fun of it!


Don’t overthink it (hey, am I talking to myself?) just take your children and get outside! The world is waiting for you to discover it!

I am the Queen of Planning! I love reading about how to do this or that and I love doing research. I write to-do lists like no other and I plan ahead. But than reality hits and it’s all going down in the lasts few years. Let’s say, since I got blessed with my amazing children ;)
So while I still love to write my lists and knowing what needs to be done is a great help, I am aproaching things on a flexible basis.

It stops by inspiration


There are many ways to inspire children. It can be a fantastic adventure story or a small object, animal or plant found somewhere (boxes full of your childhood stuff, anyone?).

Children need very little to get inspired. And when they are, they can go on and play for hours! They make up their own games and play out their favourite stories. Their imagination knows no borders!
This is why very often they don’t need any further assistance. Boredom creates the most imaginative things!

Nosy Dragon finds an earthworm

Nosy Dragon finds an earthworm

"I can fly fast! I can also sit on a tree and not fall. I am very good in that! But what I'm the best in, is finding things. I can spot every tiny snail and bug, they are always trying to hide, but I can see them!

Once I found an earthworm after it was raining very hard. Everything was wet and muddy so I was wearing my rain boots.

Earthworms are intersting. It is fun to see them get very short and chubby, than very long and thin. This is how they move.

This worm had funny colours too! …

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